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January 13th, 2012

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January 8th, 2012

Paula J Dahlberg is synonymous with three things: creative commitment to detail in make-up and hair for every occasion; a producer-like work ethic; and her ever steady hands.  For those of you that crave or need visual inspiration please see Paula’s website. The possibility for your vision to be fulfilled through Paula is real. Each project she takes on, whether eight weeks or eight monhs of mental preparation, is her heart and soul…turning out visual masterpieces.

Paula’s passion for the industry has never wavered – only grown in intensity as her craft has become sought after.  Paula’s father realized the artist in her at a young age.  He fueled her fascination for production and photography since she was a child as they bonded over film, photography, art and visuals. All of which still inspire Paula today.  With nearly two decades of experience in the industry she’s just where she wants to be in many ways.  Paula joined a new team/family of exceptional artists at Lunatic Fringe in July 2010.  Creating in a positive manner is very important to Paula, and she is thrilled to have found this group of artists that genuinely support each other.

Paula took her skill to school as an educator for Bed Head Cosmetics, traveling the US and Canada for nearly 11 years as a platform make-up artist.  She has used her abilities in the world of production: CoverEdge (make-up for live fiber optic feeds), additional TV, Salt Lake Magazine, Utah Bride Sinequan

Bridal Tear Sheets

January 8th, 2012